Its Not All About The Oil - America Has Sustainable Power

The world is in a frenzy, the oil crisis is making economies to cause a downturn that may even be greater than the great depression. The war as they say is the cause. The budget deficit for 2008 is now over $400,000,000. This money certainly would have been put to better use within America itself.

 Power Resources
Its Not All About The Oil - America Has Sustainable Power

Conspiracy Theory

Most people will say that the president of the United States waged war with a middle eastern country due to oil America after all is one of the world’s largest oil consumer. Everything in the US is automated, or electrical. To run machineries you need oil products, to produce high demands of electricity you barrel and barrels of oil to run the generators.

It is quite easy to assume that President bush whose family business is oil has a vested interest in acquiring a country so rich in mineral deposits. First of all it will make oil sources available anytime they want without having to bother with diplomacy and pass through another government. Second more profit for the Bush family, because they have an oil business if they can get fossil fuel at cost then they will have more earnings. The theory makes sense and could very much be possible.

Sustainable Power Resources

We are not here to discuss political and personal issues. We are here to point out that there are other faces to this scenario. Yes, America is one of the world’s largest energy consumer, but America also has the largest alternative energy resources in the World

Geothermal, Hydro, Wind and etc

The United States of America is considered as the world’s greatest geothermal energy producer. The Geysers located just north of San Francisco was the planet’s first and largest dry steam field. The amazing thing about these power plants (since there are several) is that sewage waste from surrounding cities are pumped into the geothermal plant in order to replenish the supply of steam needed for energy production. States such as Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Utah among others have their own geothermal plants.

Considered the fourth country with the largest hydropower capacity, the Americas revolutionized hydropower by building numerous dams in highly calculated areas all over the US. Perhaps the most popular is the Hoover Dam. At the time it was fully operational Hoover Dam was said to be the world’s largest electricity generating hydropower plant. Located on the cusp of Nevada and Arizona, the Hoover dam supplies electricity to the states of Nevada, Arizona and most of Southern California.

Rock Port Missouri is a city in North America who is fully powered by wind farms. Of the 56 states in America over half have wind farms which help supply their security needs. Some states may have aesthetical issues, but wind farms will definitely become indispensable in the future especially when the impact of dwindling oil supplies from the east is felt.

A Closing

The States have its own oil resources right within its backyard. Texas and just off shore from New Orleans a new sight is emerging. That of drilling areas, but one thing remains clear. Fossil fuel as an energy source is not viable for human health and the future of our environment. If you’re still asking why the American government is waging war for oil? Perhaps it’s not oil after all. Maybe it’s just a peace crusade with a sword in hand.


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